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Banquet hall

Banquet hall is the largest hall in the manor. It is suitable for organising large meetings and in the evening it serves as a banquet hall for up to 100 persons.

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Oval hall

Oval hall is right next to the banquet hall and suits well for meetings, workshops and activities for 6-12 persons. It is also an excellent place to serve food or set a buffet table.

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Panel hall

Panel hall is a perfect place in the manor to hold a seminar for 30 persons. It is on the ground floor of the main building along with the banquet hall and oval hall. Panel hall can be an auditorium or a u-shaped conference room, or a room with a single long table.

#conference room #catering #workshop

Stable master’s house

Stable master’s house is our most recent addition to conference rooms and it is located on the territory of the manor, near the main building. Stable master’s house serves as a conference room for 15-20 persons or as an auditorium for 40 persons.

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Sauna with outside pool

The spacious sauna of the mansion is located in the side building. Your summer evening is crowned by a drop to the pool, the sauna with outside terrace and servings.

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Courtyard of the mansion has plenty of greenfield, parks, riverbank, field and forest, that our guests can freely use during their stay. Our garden provide plenty of opportunities for wedding ceremonies and photography. A helicopter field is also located in the premises.

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